Q: Why is F3+B, F3+A and F10 not allowed?

A: F3+B will show entity hitboxes which may not seem so dangerous at all. But if you have f3+b on and click f3+a, it's basically wallhack. And f10 will show vehicles through walls, which is unfair advantage.

Q: How do I regain blood levels?

A: For now the blood level "system" is not fully finished, you can not fill up your blood. But you can use a rag or

blood bag to stop bleeding.

Q: Why does it take so long for vehicles to spawn?

A: Some vehicle spawners, depending on where it is placed, the spawn time is different. But it should take around 5-15minutes.

Q: Where/How can I create a staff application?

A: You can send in your staff application to ScottehBoeh or André in the official discord! And to create an application, simply just goto and use your own format and type out your application. :) Minimum of 200words. But don't ask staff to read the app or spam them about the applications current state. Then you will possibly get denied!

Q: Why is the U.S servers down? And when will they open?

A: I have no info about this. But I hope they will open soon.

Q: Does Minekov/Decimation have a Official Teamspeak?

A: No, but there is which is owned by ScottehBoeh.


Please do not randomly tag staff or ScottehBoeh unless it's actually necessary.

Do not advertise both ingame or on the website/discord.

Rules will be updated when there is a new rule, or if a rule has to be edited/removed.

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